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Safe Space to manage your expenses

Kipay helps you build trust when you share your expenses with others. It is an app for your shared finances - whether you want to manage couple's budget or split costs with roommates. 

Offering integration with your banks, an easy way to manage your budgets, and taking care of annoying tasks, Kipay is a virtual assistant for your personal finances.

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We Value Your Tranquility

Integration with banks

Kipay allows you to see all your spending and allocate it to particular budget. Easy to stay on track and see where you are with your money.

Easy to budget

We allow you to manage your personal budget and budgets with other people in the same place. Set limits, control progress, be on top of the things.


In our application, you can see who paid what and for what. No more disputes, full clarity and transparency. We will remind on your behalf to be refunded on time.

Our prototype

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Questionnaire: Explain us how you share your expenses with others, what is easy and what gives you challenges?

Share your costs easily

We are building Kipay now, and you have the unique chance to make it fit your needs perfectly.

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